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Available Balance
Reach a balance of at least $50.00 to be able to be withdrawn to your paypal account.
You have now collected $25.00, only the remaining $25.00 is needed.
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Description & Conditions
1. The balance on the PAYPL.CASH website can only be withdrawn to your Paypal account after your balance reaches the payment threshold, which is $50.00
2. All tasks will be reset every 24 hours in the hour (time) since your account was created. For example: Your account is created at 21:00 PM, then all tasks will be reset every 21:00 PM.
3. Each reward in each mission can only be claimed once after the task is completed per 24 hours.
4. In order to successfully receive your payouts via PayPal, Make sure your PayPal email address is fully functional / PayPal account with no pending issues.
5. All withdrawal transactions are processed automatically by the system. You will receive your payment within 12 hours of the withdrawal request being made.
6. This website contains advertisements that might annoy you. But please note that we can't remove these ads because we need money to pay our team, cs, developers, servers, & you too.
7. If you need assistance, please do'nt hesitate to contact us at email: .
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